Koji Iwakura Collection

     Nature Collection— 自然への感謝の祈り —

    The four beautiful seasons of Japan, memories of journeys.

    Time moves on, but the days remain unchanged forever.

    In gratitude to nature, which gives us joy and healing,We give thanks to nature, 

    which gives us joy and healing, one by one, in jewellery. 


    Sea Collection— 海からの贈り物 —

    'From the Mother Sea, with love ......' 

    Invited by the sparkle of the waves, it smiles gently as it snuggles up to you. 

    It expresses warm, pure love from the mother.  


    Galaxy Collection— 銀河の煌めき —

    Countless stars in the night sky. 

    An endless, magnificent fantasy. 

    Dream of a small universe within the jewels, We bring you a dazzling and mysterious world.  


    Relief Collection— 色褪せない想い —

    Making the most of the material's appeal. 

    Delicate creation and form with depth. 

    It reflects the happy memories engraved in our memories and the love that enriches our hearts, 

    and the affection that enriches the heart.  


    Märchen Collection— 永遠のロマンを刻む —

    Gemstones that are born over a long period of time. 

    They emit a unique and fantastic radiance, and beautifully mark time into the future. 

    The story that will move your heart begins.